Big Green Egg (R) Table – Upconfigured style

I came across a Nextdoor post of a neighbor who had some granite from a kitchen remodel. I have been looking to make a pizza table for my Big Green Egg. A granite top would be perfect for making pizza. I responded and found two pieces with nice edges.  I have a tight space on my deck, so a traditional long BGE table with a hole cut for the egg would not make sense.  I used these pieces as the starting point of the design.


I drew up a couple of different plans with dimensional lumber – and then remembered that I have a couple garage door parts left over (See my first blog).  It turns out I have just enough for this project.







Gathered up parts






I took the dimensions and did a little Google Sketchup work to get to this design:

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 1.56.13 PM

Now to begin the process:


I used my Circular saw guide to square up the panels.


Some galvanized staples to firm up the panels.


I cut full width pressure treated boards to screw in from the bottom, and then inserted and screwed and glued cross braces at the top corners.  The door panels have siding on one side and framing on the other.  I chose to put the siding on the inside so that the raised panels showed on the outside.


Straight rolling wheels in the back and locking swivels in the front.


The back could have been any number of materials.  I chose to use cement siding so that water is never an issue since this will live outdoors.  I cut three sections and attached them to the back of the cabinet.

Sometimes luck trumps skill.  I designed and built the box tied to the dimensions of the garage door panels and with the granite top.  I wandered down the aisle of Lowes and found this ceramic tile on clearance (yes it is ceramic) tile.  I expected to be cutting ceramic, or caulking a gap on the side.  They dropped into the space perfectly – I mean 1/16 of an inch clearance on all sides kind of perfect.  Glued them into place and moisture won’t affect this cabinet.


A dry fit of the door – with a cabinet handle added.


This is the base cabinet, but since I had the other granite piece I devised a prop to have it fold up for more counter space.  A couple of hinges and some figuring led me to this layout.  The supports needed to fold into the panel section, and the support needed to hold up a pretty heavy piece of granite.  This was not in the Sketchup, but a compass and few scenarios helped me figure out the chord lengths.  I was off by about 1/4 an inch and it did not work the first time.  Pretty specific combination of lengths to make this work.


The wooden top piece will glue to the granite – I am testing the new Gorilla adhesive in a caulk tube.

I added some shelves inside, a magnetic catch and here is the final cabinet.  These shelves can take heat and will not warp with moisture and weight.




All completed and in place, the cabinet holds all of my Egg accessories out of the weather, and more importantly out of my wife’s sight!

I received a great recommendation of adding an umbrella support.  I think I need some hooks on the side and a holder for the pizza peel. – Next week.

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