Make a crate for your large Big Green Egg(R)

From time to time I need to transport my Big Green Egg(R).  The standard nest is not very well designed for mobility, and the Egg is heavy and ungainly to move.  I could not find plans for a basic handling crate.  Here is my contribution for those who face the same challenge.  This is not really a true “Upconfigured” project, but I did start with 2X4’s that I had left over from a past project.

I started with Sketchup (try it, once you get the hang of it you will be amazed. And, its free!)  I wanted to be as efficient as possible with my materials.  Here is where I landed after a few different versions:


This basic box design hugs the base of the egg.  The sides are tall enough to hold the thicker portion of the ceramic near the felt line.  I made the sides out of standard 2X4 stock and the bottom out of a 1/4″ square of plywood.

This style box allows 2 people to pick up and carry the large egg.  It is also a great deal more stable when riding in the back of a pickup or van.

I made a cut list for the lumber – the plywood is cut to fit after.  I used 2 1/2 inch deck screws (Do not use sheetrock screws, they snap) on most joints.  The bottom is screwed on around the perimeter with 16 1″ screws.  I also added some metal corner brackets, because I am an over-doer.


This was a simple project that sure made it easier to move the Egg!

Here are some photos of the final.  I also carry a scrap of Cement backer board so that when you arrive you can flip the box and cook on it. Or, you can put a warm egg in the box.

Another helpful find is a flower pot lifter made of nylon straps. Wrap it around the egg and lift it out of the nest and then lower it into the box

img_6794 img_6795